How Integrative Psychotherapy can help 

Psychotherapy is a recognised method of helping people with their emotional suffering which could have been caused by a wide variety of events either in the distant or recent past. 
Integrative Psychotherapy is a collaborative method of working where I help to uncover and guide and you take on the process of healing and moving forward. 
What I would like to say is that "we are all on our own journey and at our own pace" and therefore my therapeutic approach is tailored around your individual needs and where you are on your journey. 
Leaning on the foundations of psychoanalytic thought and existential philosophies I provide my clients with a safe space for reflection and exploration to ultimately develop a deeper understanding of themselves. 
If you are struggling right now it may be a case of crisis intervention although often things have come to a head due to long standing issues under the surface. 
It's getting to these issues and finding a way through that is right for you that helps to avoid a future crisis and brings your life back into balance. 
My way of working might be helpful for people who wish to understand themselves and what troubles them. 

Some of the issues that I help with include... 

Childhood sexual abuse and trauma 
Confidence issues such as low self-confidence and low self-esteem 
Depression and anxiety 
Relational issues including affairs and betrayals 
Loss and bereavement 
Eating disorders 
Family issues 
Personality disorders 
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 
Relationship problems including separation and divorce 
Sexual problems and sexuality 
Women’s issues 
I can help and have particular experience in the fields of... 
Sexual Trauma for Women 
I have experience in working with women who have experienced historic childhood abuse and trauma. 
Multicultural Counselling 
My interest also lies in exploring the interplay of cultural heritage and belief, and its impact on the individual within a multicultural western society. 
Having personally experienced moving and settling into a new country, I have a deeper understanding and interest in working with the issues of cross-cultural differences, challenges faced by ethnic minorities, issues faced by second-generation children from immigrant families, and the impact of trans-generational trauma.  
It may well be, and is often the case that you don't know why you feel as you do and this is part of the process that we go through to guide you to a happier and more fulfilling life. 
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