Therapy Fees 

During the lockdown period I am working solely online. 
Therapy sessions range between £70 and £100 for 50 minutes and will be conducted online using Zoom or equivalent methods. 
The fee for ongoing work will be discussed in the first session and will take into account your financial circumstances and capacity to pay. 
I also offer a number of sessions at a reduced rate for students, trainees and people on low income. 
Face to Face Therapy 
Once we can get back to meeting face to face again, therapy sessions will be held at... 
98 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 2HL 
Face to therapy sessions start at £100 for 50 minutes 
Please click here to get in touch and enquire how I can help you or a loved one. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
What happens after you get in touch? 
We can arrange a brief telephone conversation to talk about your presenting issues and what you need help with. Alternatively, you can book an initial consultation to talk about your difficulties. 
Do I have to pay for the initial consultation? 
Do I carry out assessments for psychiatric diagnosis? 
No I do not provide assessments for psychiatric diagnosis nor provide pharmacological help, you may contact your GP to discuss this further. My way of working is directed at your lived experiences and how you cope and manage your struggles. The aim is to help you think about alternate ways to alleviate your suffering. 
What happens at the initial consultation and how long is it for? 
The initial consultation is for 50 minutes.  
The aim is to understand clearly what it is that you are searching for and why. You begin by elaborating more on your current struggles and we discuss (explore) both the recent and distant past. 
The initial session will help in assessing suitability for therapy and what kind would be best for you. e.g. are you looking for an open-ended exploration of your unconscious motivations and conflicts, looking to deal with unresolved issues from your past or acquire some skills to deal with your current problems. 
How often do the sessions take place? 
Sessions can be once or twice a week, to be discussed at your initial consultation. 
Please note that I don't work at a frequency of less than one session per week. 
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